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Into the paradise of Euphony, the composer must introduce music because Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

The music will echo. The tunes will set you in a rhythm. The lyrics will set you in a trance. The body will sway to the beats. The hands will rise in unison. The heads will drop down in tandem and raise themselves again. This is an evening to let go and sway to the beats, coz this is "EUPHONY LIVE 3rd Edition". Time to brace yourselves for some ear deafening, soul soothing and pleasing music.

Euphony has it all. The Pop, the Metals, the Hard rock, The Funk, the Indie Pop to The Classics The rock music is all it takes to set your mood.

In association with The NITR Parliamentary Debate & AIESEC in NIT Rourkela , We present to you our own

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