Description Rules Judging Co-ordinators

1-It is a fun as well as tricky event.
2-It is based upon an investigative approach.
3-It is a group event.
4-Entry fees-Rupees 10 per head only.
5-Winner group will be awarded Certificates,gift vouchers and Cash Prizes.
6-Consolation prizes are for each participating group.

Minimum 3 members in each team & Maximum has no limit.
1-Team comprises of minimum 3 members(no maximum limit).
2-Event comprises of some clues(check points).
3-After hacking first clue a team can proceed to next level.
4-Most clues will be based on puzzles and brain twisters and clue related queries.
5-Each team will be provided a secret code at every check points which will be verified by volunteer members before passing the clue and allow them for next level.

1-The first team which will completely hack all the clues will be declared as winner.
2-In case no team completes all the clues then the team which will hack most clues will be declared as winner.
3-In case of tie time limit will be the deciding factor.

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