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a.The trebuchet is a compound machine—a combination of simple machines. The trebuchet makes use of the mechanical advantage of a lever.
b. Most trebuchets are powered exclusively by the force of gravity.
c. Potential energy is stored by means of an extremely heavy weight box attached (by a hinged connection) to the counterweight portion of the throwing arm. Some earlier trebuchets stored potential energy as traction force (traction trebuchets).
d. When the trebuchet is fired, the weight box is permitted to fall and the force of gravity causes rotational acceleration of the attached throwing arm around the axle (the fulcrum of the lever).
e. The throwing arm is usually four to six times the length of the counterweight portion. These factors multiply the acceleration transmitted to the throwing portion of the arm and its attached sling.
f. The sling is affixed to the end of the throwing portion of the throwing arm (opposite the counter weight portion). The sling contains the projectile and transmits the forces generated at the end of the throwing arm to the projectile.
g. The sling also changes thetrajectory, so that, at the time of release from the sling, the projectile is traveling in the desired speed and angle to give it the range to reach the target.

a. Teams need to participate in groups of three.
b. The registered teams would be taught on how to make a trebuchet using the materials provided a day prior to the event.
c. The following day the teams would be provided a span of 1 hr to bulid the trebuchet with the same materials but with slight innovations
d. The teams would then compete wherein each of them will be given a cork
  i) Shooting test: they would be given a target wherein they need to shoot the target.
  ii) Distance test: Here the maximum distance the cork goes would be calculated
e. The best of three shots would be taken in to account.

a. Shooting test: Points would be there for hitting different areas of the target.
b.Distance test: corks crossing a pre decided mark (say ‘X’ m away) would be given 5 points. Additional points would be given for crossing the mark by say ‘Y’ m away from the mark.
c. Additional Points = (Y-X/X)*5.
d. Innovation, design and time to prepare the trebuchet would be taken into account.

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