Paper Dance

Description Rules Judging Co-ordinators

1. Paper Dance is a competition among teams of two.
2. The concept of the event is the pairs participating have to dance on a sheet of paper when the music plays and have to stop dancing when music stops.
3. The sheet is folded into a half after every round and the pairs have to dance within the boundaries of the sheet.
4. The sheet is folded till only a foot fits on the sheet and finally, the pair who can endure the diminishing sheet wins the game.

1. An A3 sheet of paper is spread on the ground for each team.
2. In every round, each team has to dance on the sheet when the music starts.
3. The moment any team member has any part of the body touching the area outside the sheet is disqualified along with his or her partner.
4. The sheet is folded into its half in every round till only one foot fits on it.
5. The team members have to continue dancing during the music is on. If they stops dancing in between to save themselves from spilling out of the paper, they get disqualified.
6.The team, which can endure the difficult and diminishing sheet till the end, wins the game.

1. Compatibility between the team members.
2. Balance in their dance steps.

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