Description Rules Co-ordinators

The Knights and the Lords, it's the time of the year when your weapons shall take a step back while your fashion shall do the talking. Come prepared with your outfits, coz 'Jo Dikhta he wo Jeetta he.'
The lights go out. The music plays. You take a deep breath. You look up. Thank the Almighty. You take your first step. Two, three, four ... And you walk out into the world, coz the world is your runway.
This is what you were waiting for so long. It's happening. And happening for real. The ramp is waiting to be trodden. The lights are lit on slowly. Your eyes make their presence from behind those curls and the hair falls back as you begin your walk.
Display your flamboyance, showcase your elegance, take their breath away with your flair, and make them wanting more, coz this is PANACHE.
The people will stare. You shall see their jaw drops as they are in awe of you. Make it worth their while.

1.Teams can adopt any theme according to their choice.
2.Last date for online registration for the event is 10th of March, 2016.
3.There will be only one round for this event.
4.Maximum time allowed for the performance is 8+2 minutes. Teams exceeding this time will be penalized.
5.Maximum members allowed in a team: 25 (excluding choreographers and designers)
6.There is restriction on the use of fire or any inflammable object and glass shatter on stage. Negative points may be awarded in such a case.
7.There is no restriction on the use of props, though there are no marks for props.
8.The teams must bring the music (audio format) or songs in a CD/Pendrive(USB). Please carry a copy of the clip too.
9.Music clip must be provided to the organizers 3 hours before the event.
10.Teams must report at the venue at least 3 hours before the event starts.
11.Teams shall bring all the required props and costumes by themselves. Organizers must not be approached with any requests in the matter. Specific requirements regarding lights must be discussed with organizers in advance.
12.Decisions made by the judges will be final and binding.
13.The organisers will not be held responsible for any mishap if any occurs on the day of the show.

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