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This Game is based on Leadership, Strategy and Ultimate Plan, to solve the Maze problem in minimum time limit in Team formation method.
Maze Puzzel Game, where a team member using a blind fold need to start a maze and cross through the puzzle maze by not touching the mines, till he/she finishes the puzzle in minimum time limit and minimum disqualification.

Team Event. (Individual, Group or Team Members Eligible)
Minimum Members (4 to 5)
Maximum Members (7 to 12)
a) The participants i.e. individual , team or group Members need to be there; Max No. of Participants In a Group, Team or Individual’s together can form a Group or Team, which should be maximum 7 to 12 members and Minimum 4 or 5 members.
b) The Group and Team Members would be asked to Put up a Plan and do a strategy to solve a square maze by using Blind Fold to reach from start to finish.
c) About the Game: This Game is based on Leadership, Strategy and Ultimate Plan, to solve the problem in minimum time limit.
Explanation and Methodology:
i) There would a Square Maze; in that maze, a path would be there, from Start to End. This Puzzle Path and the whole Maze would be filled up with Mines.
ii) To make it more hard; A team member starts putting a blind fold in his/her eyes. Then the blind fold team member can be instructed by their group team members where to put the step in the maze to avoid the mines.
iii) If the team member going through the puzzle maze in blind fold touches the mine or put his/her feet in the mine then he/she disqualifies.
iv) Any one team member disqualifies then other team member of same group who has not tried can participate. This can extend upto 4 disqualification in same group or team.
d) This Game would be based on Solving the puzzle in team and reach the start till finish without touching the mines in minimum time and least disqualification.
(NOTE: Timer would be used by event coordinator)

This Management Game is purely based on Strategy, Team Work, Discipline, Time Constraint and Leadership.
The team which finishes Maze from start till finish in minimum time and minimum disqualification will be given first prize, certificate of winner and goodies; and the second runners up with least time taken after winner team would be given, goodies and runners up certificate. "

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