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This event is organised to test the knowledge of participants on various energy resources, various invention and discoveries in field of energy utilisation and conservation. The event is to be held in two rounds, i.e. written and oral.
Participants may take part in a team (maximum two members) .However the written round will be taken individually.

Maximum of 2 Participant

Candidates can participate in a team of maximum two members or individually. The event will occur in two rounds. Round-1: (Oral)
This round contains three stages. Each stage carries some points. After three stages the top teams or individuals (the number will be decided on spot) will be taken to next stage where they will give written round individually.
Stage 1: (75 points)
The participants will be asked 15 questions with options to choose from. The question will not be passed to another team or person. Each question carries 5 points. The questions will be based on general knowledge.
Stage 2: (100 points)
The participants will be asked 10 questions each carrying 10 marks with multiple choices. The questions will be asked from various aspects of energy. But this time question will be passed if not answered.
Stage 3: (100 points)
There will be 10 questions here too with 10 points and questions will contain some picture identification regarding energy discoveries, utilisation or conservation and also questions regarding them. But there will be no clue or options. Also question can be passed.
• Round 2: (Written round)
The top teams and individuals (number of teams or persons to be decided on spot according to participation) from Round 1 carrying higher points will be selected for written round.
In this round each person has to participate individually.
Participants will be given questions (aptitude & objective type) and answer should be submitted in stipulated time.
Prize money will be given shortly after announcement of winners with certificate.

1.The winner will be chosen solely based on his talent and performance in the quiz. However correctness of answers of questions asked will be decided by judges.
2.If still dispute arises then judges may consider the participant’s plea. Any kind of malpractice, use of mobile or any electronic gadgets is prohibited.

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