Description Rules Judging Co-ordinators

"In a galaxy far, far away... a murder has taken place, carried out by the notorious inter-galactic bounty hunter, Bobba Fett. Follow the clues and apprehend the ruthless bounty hunter from making his next kill."

1. Clues will include astronomy-related questions to lead the participants towards locations where they'll gain information about the murder such as how the murder took place, what did the witnesses see (this will include the type of ship he is using), what weapon he used, etc.
2. Then they have to figure out what his next move must be, i.e.should he refill his ship's fuel, or go to get ammo for his next mission.
3. After they find out how much fuel he has refilled, they have to estimate the maximum distance he can go to with that.
4. And from the amount and type of ammo he has purchased they have to decide whether he is going to kill one person, two people, or mass murder. Say he purchased a magazine of sniper ammo that means he means to assassinate a single person or multiple targets. But if he has bought ammo of a bigger weapon then we can assume he intends to kill many people.
5. And if the teams arrive and are able to solve the puzzle then they win or else if the bounty is claimed then they lose.
6. First team to solve and apprehend the hunter wins.

3 members per team (max).

1. The team should report at the venue on time.
2. Use of cycles or other transportation vehicles prohibited.

1. Time taken to solve the case.
2. Reasoning ability.

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