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This is a fun game full of childhood memories similar to that of SNAKE N LADDER game .
But this time it’s something different we have some rule n regulations set for you.

A team comprising of 2 members

"It consists of 2 rounds:

-You will be given a set of picture along with their names related to your day to day life n some related to medical instruments.
-You need to guess the cost of the picture shown for which you will be allotted some points.
-Each picture will contain some marginal value if your guess lies in between the values then u will get the points or else no points will be awarded to you.
-Each picture will be shown for a short period of time. The team using internet will be disqualified.
-The top teams scoring the best score will play the next round i.e.-THE GAME PLAY Round
-Other rules n regulations will be given to you when the event starts.
RULES are as simple as it is:
1. All the teams qualified in the elimination round will be playing together at a time.
2. One member who is smart enough to solve any question will stay away from the gaming zone.
3. The other member will stand on the starting point along with others participants inside the gaming zone.
4. The game is similar to that of snake n ladder game but it is interesting to note that in place of Snakes N Ladders we are having some checkpoints so be careful.
5. DETAILS for Check point:-
> At each checkpoint there will be certain type of questions the person inside the gaming zone will get a chance of solving those problems. If and only if he/she reaches the checkpoint.
>For each correct answer the player moves on the no. of steps mentioned at the checkpoint and for each wrong answer the player will move backward the no. of steps mentioned at the checkpoint.
>After reaching at the checkpoint the player will pick up a chit, which will be having a question in it.
>It is mandatory for the player to solve the question at the checkpoint.
6. The players on the other side of the gaming zone will be asked a certain set of questions and some tasks to do. For each correct answer the player inside the gaming zone will move 5 steps forward and for each wrong answer the player moves 2 steps back.
7. The gaming zone will be a set path having a total of 10-15 checkpoints.
8. Each team will be given 4 lifelines (T&C apply)

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The player inside the gaming zone reaching the final destination will be the winner.

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